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Sitia-car-hire The town of Sitia is located on the north coast of Crete, the port was center of trade. This town lies close to Chania city and Heraklion city-almost 65km far from both of them.

How to go there

Sitia is a place easy to access, you can drive-cycle-ride and go there. There are very often connections to the city, either from east-Heraklion airport-port or west from Chania airport- city or port.

By car

The best way to visit Ierapetra is by hiring a car. There are very competitive rates to hire a car from Heraklion airport or any other place of Crete.

By Taxi

Hiring a Taxi is a good idea when you arrive late night and have to drive a long distance.

By Bus

By bus is a good solution too. You can get one in Heraklion port main station or from the airport Heraklion. The other cities have a good connection to Sitia are Ierapetra city and of course Agios Nikolaos city that has a faster way to move to Sitia.

Things to do during your stay

It is necessary to visit the beautiful north coast, just 17km of beach front the city, the New Marina and the connection to the old port and the old city, the bike lanes and the huge parking to park your vehicle by the New Marina of Sitia. It is one of the most visited excursions of Crete to drive south Sitia.

Sitia-car-rentals Vai beach is one of the “must visiting places” you should do when visiting Sitia.

vai-beach Katsiki beach close to the city, the famous Monastery in front of the beach called  kouremenos-sitia Kouremenos famous , the famous beach lies east and the famous nude beach next to it.

Moni Toplou, which is located between beautiful beaches,

Kato Zakros, one of the most quiet beaches-places of south east Crete.

Xerokampos is the unique place where the time stands still,


elyssee sitia Sitia is hosting many visitors who come for leisure and business. The famous resorts are welcoming their guests all year round. There are very good 3 star hotels in all places and some 5 star hotels too.

Gorges close to Sitia

gorge of dead Zakros The gorge of dead is close to Kato Zakros village, one fantastic scenery with “deserted rocky mountainous areas” and rich flowers around! Amazing walk through it’s terrain, rough but worth to do it once!

Vai beach is the most beautiful one in the eastern part of Sitia, a Tropical scenery with green blue waters and Palm trees.  


Sitia is the place very difficult occupied against enemies, Venetians, Arabs or Turks. The south east of Sitia were target places for pirates coming from Africa, kidnapping women and young children selling them to foreign countries as slaves.


The plateau areas are full of green houses, olive trees and open fields with orange trees it is one of the most sunny places of Crete! There are many immigrants working by the greenhouses and open fields. The locals produce olives, olive oil, tomatoes and vegetables, water melons, according to the year period the production is varying to different vegetables and production.

Food-Restaurants by the port and city center

sitiacity Sitia is one of Crete’s places that local fishermen bring fresh fish to the local market, everyday. You can taste delicious fresh fish dishes and taste the Cretan diet by the city’s taverns in the north side or to the magnificent villages south of it!  The most important thing for you is to feel the quiet atmosphere and spend unforgettable days and nights in this area. There are numerous of famous restaurants as well as local taverns. The new port of the city “Marina” hosts very good restaurants, by Karamanli street.

When is it the best period to visit Sitia

Crete has temperate climate, there are some places that have subtropical climate. The winter is mild and the summer is hot.

In conclusion, I can suggest Sitia as one important area to spend unforgettable vacation.

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