Matala bay, 2022 best beach

Excursion Details

Today, Matala is an area hosting tourists. The location is ideal. People enjoy swimming in Matala gulf. There is no possibility a visitor not to enjoy the place. There are no waves and the beach is accessed easy.
The village is having many options of accommodation. There are many taverns along the beach. The entertainment shops are too many.

Matala camping resort is in a good place too. The whole area is well organized and nearby places like Kalamaki or Pitsidia and Kommos beaches are waiting for those who search to find a quiet place to relax. Nevertheless the temperature is warmer in this south part of Crete, estimated at least +3degrees Celsius on daily basis warmer than north Heraklion coast- you have the chance to enjoy the ebauties of the surroundings. Donot forget the Gulf of Messara is the warmer of the island Crete and is close to the eastern part that temperatures reach 40degrees very often!

How to go to Matala:

Matala bay

Matala is connected with Heraklion city with the local bus. There is a bus driving to south of Heraklion every 1 hour. You can hire a car and drive using the National road connecting Heraklion with Moires. It is easy to find the new road which turns from Agia Varvara to Moires. The distance is short and the time a driver needs to drive to the south is just 40minutes. If you donot wish to drive by bus or by rental car then select a Taxi company to do the distance safer with a private driver. There are many tourists who select the means of taxi, they feel better and safer with this choice!

Matala is close to Moires city, the area’s capital. The connection is quite often and easy to use. The best option though is a hired car.

Matala-car-rentalsMatala bay is the most beautiful south place of Municipality. The area is amazingly beautiful, the bay is easy to be visited by road or by ferry.