24hours service, best road assistance, 100% SATISFACTION

24hours service, athenscars.gr is the leading Car hire agency in terms of car delivery & collection services! We do rentals all over the island of Crete, in most places and villages.

24hours service, Check the Booking system we advertise, see if the place you wish to hire a car from is listed. If yes than goon the steps of our Booking system to secure the reservation of your car. If not than email us requesting to hire a car, we will check the matter and reply very quick whether we will be able to transfer the vehicle to the Cretan place you wish! A car hire delivery & collection to an unlisted place may result an extra charge, we generally charge extra for transferring a vehicle to a place located out of the city limits, when the location is very far.24hours service

We do operate 24hours everyday, 24hours service-our tel.numbers are:

+30 2810821424 office hours Mon-Sun 08.00h – 22.00h (+2.00 GMT)

+30 6936790870 after office hours Mon – Sun 24hours service assistance and reservations, 24hours service!24hours service

If you have an accident, we would like to be informed the time it happened, our staff will make all efforts and contacts so you will be very quick helped. Damages on off road parts is a big trouble for the Road assistance, as they cannot approach with the special trucks to the damaged car. In case you drive a small vehicle-not a jeep with off road system- you will be not covered by the Insurance of the vehicle. Do not forget our 24hours operation service.24hours service

If you would like the reserved vehicle for Crete earlier than ordered, you will have to phone our central station, referring the Reservation number of your voucher, they will do the best possible effort to have a car ready for you.

Any special demand like booking a baby seat, GPS, or Mobile unit has to be referred on time, a car delivery in a far location or in an accommodation far from the city, may result a delay for you! 

Trust the experienced staff of athenscars, thus your request will be sent, a reservation will come to you direct! The best for you is to select the vehicle will meet your needs!

24hours service, best road assistance, 100% SATISFACTION.