Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Fly & Drive holidays Crete one of a lifetime by combining all it has to offer with a Crete fly drive holiday. Enjoy the excitement of Heraklion south whilst taking a relaxing break along the Gulf Messara and Coast, a scenic trip to Psiloritis mountain and indulge in the exciting party atmosphere of Hersonisos. Crete really does have it all and a fly drive holiday allows you to see the beauties of this exciting island. On a Crete fly drive you have the option to fly to either Heraklion or Chania or Sitia airport. In future a new airport will be ready in Kasteli pediados area.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete: Matala Beach Heraklion, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. When in Crete, visiting South Beach is a must ! The scene certainly lives up to the stereotype of Crete. You’ll find surfers catching the waves in a turquoise ocean, models sauntering along golden sands and rollerbladers gliding down beach road. The village of Matala is famous, since the decade of 70’s, where young people were linving inside the village’s caves! Crazy parties and crazy people were enjoying the life’s pleaures and a lot of free days with love and parties!

Fly & Drive holidays Crete: Crete Theme Parks, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. One of the main attractions to Crete is the theme parks, where you are definitely spoilt for choice. At the Cretan Aquarium Park  the excited visitors get a feel of what it would be like to journey to the outer reaches of sea world. They can view the depths of the ocean or meet the rear species of fishes. Crete has many other parks, the Labyrinth park, the Lasithi plateau theme park Lasinthos, exciting resorts with traditional theme parks too! There are many other parks, owned by private funds, all over Cretan places. Some parks are the Water city park in Heraklion and Anopolis village and Agia Pelagia animal park.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete: Vai Palm Beach of Eastern Crete, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. The Vai Palm beach is stretched at the eastern part of Crete and are often described as ‘Crete’s jewel because of the sparkling effect created by the closeness of the sea and the thousands of palm trees on both sides. Attitudes are laid-back and popular activities include snorkelling, diving, fishing and boating. You can also swim with euphoria, enjoy a sunset sail or venture into the archaeological area of Itanos for a walk on the wild side. Beautiful Beaches, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. Enjoy your Crete holidays with an incredible 10,297 km of coastline to choose from; ideal for beach lovers looking to discover the white sands, Mediterranean  climates and amazing wildlife! Clearwater, Vai and Elafonisi are the region’s top beach resorts. Vai is the eastern bay of Crete with the warmest climate average per year months. This is a huge land with beach front places and land with Palm trees. Just beyond the beaches of Crete, there’s a whole world of ship wrecks and coral reefs waiting to be explored.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete: Nature and Culture, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. The art lovers will appreciate the iconic art deco district in Heraklion, with the Museum of Physical history in Heraklion  amongst the unique scenery. Chania city, sometimes known as the old Chania town, is a popular destination among couples who can jump on a river boat and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of its unique place. Looking for nature and thrills away from the crowdy city? Visit Lasithi plateau, the place where all villages have a special identity for the wild life and nature.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete: Travel Information
Language:    Greek

Currency:     EURO
Local time:     GMT +2 hours

Things to do in Crete, Fly & Drive holidays Crete. Famous for its glorious sunshine, sandy beaches and magical nature parks, Crete  Attractions have something for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to be heading here on a holiday, check out our list of top things to do in Crete  for some inspiring ideas. Crete has a tradition of music, poems, songs and dances. This island’s tradition and customs are well known all over the world.

Enjoy Crete beaches-Distance from Heraklion city:

Rethymnon – 1 hour distance to drive to the best and longest beach of Crete=17km

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Hersonisos – 30 minutes far from Heraklion, by far the busiest place of the island!

Fly & Drive holidays Crete


Agia Pelagia – the village with the 5 of the most beautiful beaches of Malevizi Municipality, 25 minutes far from Heraklion city!Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Bali – 15km east of Rethymnon, 45km west of Heraklion, extremely beautiful place for family holidays.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete Bali-car-rentals

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Elafonisi – located south west of Crete at Chania Region.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete elafonisi

Vai – Palm beach located at the eastern part of Crete.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Matala – located south of Heraklion region.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Preveli – located south of Rethymnon city.


Agios Pavlos – located south of Rethymnon, a place for people who love yoga!

agios Pavlos Crete

Loutro – The magic place located south of Chania and east of Paleochora.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Xerokampos – The place where time stands still! Located east, the eastern part.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Falasarna – Located at the western part of Crete, region of Chania.

Fly & Drive holidays Crete

Malia antiquities – the beach front of Malia archaeological excavations.

Malia car hire Malia car hire

Discover Crete attractions – Crete nightlife:

The most important you should do is to visit a place with traditional Cretan music, the ancient instrument Lyra, is going to surprise you with its sound and shape! It is looking very much like violin, but is obviously an older instrument.
If you will not manage to visit such a place, buy a cd with the local music and songs.
There are thousands of night café and bars as well as Bouzouki places, pool bars, seaside bars and nightclubs, to enjoy each night! Crete is the ideal place for nightlife!

Other popular attractions: Fly & Drive holidays Crete. Cycling is very well known sport in Crete, there are many cycling clubs which choose this island to spend their athletic vacations, the climate helps to train all year round. Football camps, tenis courts, beach volley camps, basketball, golf resorts, snorkeling and diving schools, trekking and mountain biking are some of most well known activities that take place on this island.

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