Nobody said it was easy traveling with children. In fact nobody said that visiting a local supermarket with children was easy, what with navigating strollers while preventing tears and keeping everyone entertained. Now that you have braved the short flight to the Greek islands, successfully settled into your hotel and unpacked your suitcase, you may find yourself scratching your head with the realization that you have no idea what to do with the kids when they wake up!
Chrisoskalitisa That’s where we come in at My Destination Crete. Below is a taste of the many activities to be enjoyed by the whole family, Traveling with children.
Crete is a very child friendly island, with many activities for your children to enjoy from the usual to the unusual Crete has the facilities and activities that will keep the whole family entertained for the duration of your stay when Traveling with children.
Normal Traveling with children
Crete offers many of the activities that you would expect to get in your home country, from watching the latest Disney blockbuster at one of Crete’s many cinemas/playgrounds to a night of enjoyment spent at the bowling lanes of the Heraklion city.

Stalis beach Why not visit Aqua plus or watercity waterparks, situated east of Airport Heraklion, it is easily accessible from most tourist resorts.

Matala-car-rentalsThis water park is a water world of fun for both children and adults.

martsalo beach Situated just next to it is the Lassithi plateau, Lassinthos park for the whole family to learn and interact with many animals.Ride a horse-touch a goat, play with the dogs.
A place Must to visit is the Aquarium of Heraklion which hosts the rare Meditteranean species of fishes , admire Sea Lions and Sea Turtles. Hang out with parrots and reptiles all within an environment of combined entertainment and education (see video below).
The impressive star-shaped domed Cretan Aquarium is an international quality family attraction in Gournes pediados. A must-visit with all types of sea creatures on display and underwater tunnels walking under sharks and other exotic fish.

Watersports Traveling with children
kato zakros With Crete being situated in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean and the endless days of summer, it’s no surprise that you can find such an array of watersports on the islands. Depending on the age of your children you may choose from and array of active watersport activities…. fast powered boat rides, water skiing, wave boarding to mention but a few. Platanias-Chania water sports center-Elafonisi water bike hire Hersonisos Water sports center with two reputable operators who offer such facilities.
Stalis beachAlternatively a more relaxed day with a spot of snorkeling, fishing, canoe hire or why not take a Made – Agia Pelagia to the unique Blue Lagoon in Agia Pelagia gulf.

Horse Riding Traveling with children
A great opportunity for a photo shoot moment. Admire the coastal sunsets or take a day trip overlooking the sandy beaches of Crete. This is a wonderful activity for you and your family to enjoy. Suitable for all levels of ability, be it beginner or advanced, as an instructor will be accompany you at all times. The Ippikos omilos Grammatikakis horse rescue operation) and Therapy horse riding school for a couple of good options.

Bird Park Traveling with children
Traveling with children Enjoy a day at Rethymnon Municipality garden a true oasis”. Adults and children love this place while roaming around freely is just as entertaining, joining a tour is great for some background information on each species…birds and animals alike. It is actually not just a bird park; it is also home to many animals such as goats kri kri , dogs and meerkats to name a few. Visit Axos village and the famous museum of wooden art!

Cycling Tour Traveling with children
For the older kids (12 and over), this cannot be recommended highly enough. Whether touring the countryside around or the historic streets of Psiloritis with Cretan cycling tour Babis you are guaranteed to have a smile plastered across your kid’s face for hours after the fun-filled trip.