Chania hafen, 1 super beste ort!

Chania hafen, west of Crete 1 place for amazing holidays!

Chania hafen: Are you interested in visiting Crete? West Crete and the rest of the island? You can hire one of our cars and explore the beauties of the southern European island!  I assume therefore you’ll be arriving on the island at Chania? Is this where you will depart from as well? – or from Heraklion? Chania port.

The Chania areas are well located for walking – you have the three western peninsulas of Akrotiri, Gramvousa and Rodopi on your doorstep.  Chania is a city where the old port picturisques through decades of centuries! It becomes the necessity Visit of every Tourist who steps on the island. Very close to Chania city is the New Port Souda. This is a well organized ferry port entrance for cruise ferries and trade ferries. Chania hafen!

We operate and deliver cars to Chania hafen. The ferries dock opposite the Port Authority building. The harbour is well known place, as it is a part of the NATO ships which very often have to dock to this port. Souda bay is the largest NATO and US base across the Mediterranean sea.Souda portChania hafen

After your first two days, head east on the bus to Rethymno – it has some wonderful architecture, a superb Venetian fortress and harbor as well as minarets and buildings from various periods of history. Quite easy to while away a day here what with the museums as well.  Next day, take the bus east again to the capital Iraklion where you can again spend a full day exploring the wonderful sights of this city – Venetian harbour, hangars and fortress, Agios Titos church, the Loggia, the Morosini fountain , the old city walls, Kazantzakis grave, walk on the Venetian walls and much more. Any decent guide book will detail a walking route to take in all these sights and more. Chania hafenSouda port

From Iraklion, there are buses south to Matala, Faistos (Minoan site) and Moires, all of which pass right by Gortys Roman site. You can also take the Arhanes bus from Heraklion which drops right outside the main entrance to Knossos.Chania hafen