Crete Olive Oil, world’s 1 best quality!

Crete Olive Oil product of Crete island, the place that locals produce more than 75.000 tons of olive oil every year and sometimes reach the incredible number of 100.000 tons! Crete is the island with the best quality of olive oil, many times first in world competitions, named as “extra Virgin oil”.

Crete olive oil The eastern parts of the island hold the reputation for the best extra virgin Crete olive oil quality, generally the eastern part of Crete including many places in Heraklion prefecture.

Crete olive oil Have you ever thought of coming to Crete to help with the olive oil harvest? Are you “strong enough” to work in the groves? Beautiful shapes of grey-green olive trees caress the hillsides all over Crete. On this farming island, olives are an important crop. You will get unforgettable memories.

Assist in the harvest of Crete Olive Oil and enjoy picnic lunches in the groves. Visit local archaeological sites, enjoy organic local meals, pick nutritious wild greens with a villager, see the Crete olive oil milling process and see the making of raki at a rakokazano or still or Cretan virgin Wine in one of Crete’s specialists or Crete’s best honey. Crete Olive Oil – in Heraklion region, join us for a new experience with accommodation in two different villages, experience two olive groves with a variety of olive types in the company or a specialist agriculturist and the farmers. Come with us to see how the procedure method is done in the factory for olive oil production. 

Crete olive oil, wines of Crete The grueling and tedious work of weeks of standing under the olive trees is often far removed when pouring a delightful “pure” of the green gold into a pan to serve up a meal or topping off a Greek salad.

Fodele-car-rentals In Crete, most harvesters have transitioned from striking trees with long wooden sticks, as has been done in generations past, to electric machines which graze their way through the branches. The new way of harvesting is faster, easier and attracts more people to do this.

Nonetheless, yet again, year after year local Greek families load tractors or pick up cars with sacks of coffee, lay out dozens of tarps, and spend weeks beneath the branches to be showered in olives! The feeling is amazing, the smell of olives too!

Kaina Chania Special agricultural tourism accommodation units have opened up in Crete. It allows tourists to help with olive harvesting and experience the unique way of life in the region. The accommodation is simple but comfortable. The courtyards are endless olive groves, where visitors can get in touch with nature and experience every stage of the harvest.

Matala-car-rentals Visitors can pick olives using age-old harvesting techniques, working for just one day or for weeks in a row. Guests can also help transfer the harvested olives to a traditional olive press, learn the traditional art of extracting precious oil and watch how the golden oil begins to flow and fills up the air with its aromatic fragrance.

Crete during olive season: Travelers looking for an interactive holiday and a true taste of rural living must visit Crete during the harvest season from October to January to enjoy a unique immersive experience, an unforgettable procedure.

You could use one of our cars to join the Olive Harvest in Crete. The important is to inform our employees about, so they select the proper vehicle. The most popular car is L200 light truck, which is driving easy the country roads, as the small cars cannot make the off road driving.

Crete is one of the places you will have a good time and an excellent Crete Olive Oil quality. Consider to come on olive oil harvest next season 2023, there are amazing places to stay for winter vacation and combine both activities, Crete Olive Oil and holidays. Hiring one of our cars would be a good choice.