Crete on Christmas

Crete on Christmas day is fantastic beautiful! The Christmas on this island look much more different than in European other countries!

Crete on Christmas is very much interesting to visit, either for spending vacation or for a short trip for business and leisure combined with 1 day relaxing, on Christmas day! The island is amazingly very much prepared for this holy day! People go to churches to pray and celebrate Jesus Christ birthday!

Crete on Christmas Crete on Christmas west of Crete, Chania. The most beautiful old port of the island is ready to welcome thousands of visitors, even though the visitors may be in majority Greeks, there are some foreigners who will come for this specific day at Chania!

Crete on Christmas Crete on Christmas – Chania port is the pride of the Chania city, the people are walking all the port roads singing and celebrating this fantastic day for our humanity, Jesus Christ birth! Watch the lighting of the Tree in Chania city with Zarpa news on Youtube!

Christmas Craft Show, Parades & Christmas Parties In Heraklion

Crete on Christmas Crete on Christmas: Christmas 2022 in Heraklion city! A lot of Christmas events like Santa Claus Gift Distribution, Christmas Dinners in Heraklion’s restaurants are happening. People buy and bring small Christmas Fir Trees in their houses and decorate them with balls or gifts, children sing Christmas carols songs, families go on Christmas and New Year 2022 vacation for a week and celebrate it with other families or relatives.

Explore Crete on Christmas and some of the best Christmas events & activities for kids near you and get your tickets booked to scrumptious buffets, dinners and gala nights! Make Christmas Eve 2022 a memorable one with interesting activities & events to get yourself in Heraklion city small Christmas village, there are activities and presents to buy!

St Minas Cathedral If you are in Heraklion at Christmas, attend the Christmas ceremony in Agios Minas church, which is considered the patron saint of Heraklion city. If you wish to live a real Greek ceremony, drive to Savathiana Monastery and admire the nuns praying and singing on Christmas day!

Crete on Christmas: There are much more interesting places to visit on that day! The south of Crete and Monastery Koudoumas will make you feel a different Christmas day-the area is beautiful and warm and the people will celebrate the ceremony and after will seat outside the church to spend the rest of the day doing activities and eating together, the monks and the guests! Priests and monks are used in praying for hours, locals do the same and mostly older aged people who believe in God!

Another beautiful city is Moires, south of Heraklion, watch how people acted in an event through facebook.

Hire a car and drive through all far places, all villages will have a unique celebration on Christmas day!

Axos Although Christmas is a holy celebration, Cretan musicians do concerts in taverns or theaters, many Cretan people get gathered to dance and sing traditional songs and dances. The custom is to celebrate with friends and relatives and end the year with happy moments. Some famous instrumental Lyra players are going to show in great Halls and launch rooms, taverns where you will have to buy a ticket to join the party. There is plenty of food to eat and also drink, wine and other drinks, together with Cretan people who do the same every year! Crete on Christmas.

Emprosneros village of Apokoronas Crete on Christmas: Some Municipalities will celebrate outside, on open theaters where people from villages will join traditional dances. Young children will dance and o9lder people will join them. The Cretan Lyra is the main instrument, Mandolino and Laouto are important instruments too. Famous Lyrarides like Psarantonis, Kounalis, Papadakis and others will make their best to celebrate this special day of Christmas!

Enjoy Crete on Christmas, Merry Christmas and a Happy-Prosperous-New-2023 Year! Athenscars Team