Elounda, the most beautiful village port of east Crete.

Elounda Elounda is one of the most visited places of Crete. Some guests prefer to stay all of their vacation days close by, the area has all amenities a guest would request to enjoy!


Elounda is located north west of Agios Nikolaos city. It is just 5km distance far. The village is one of the most visited places of the island, most rich place of eastern Crete. This is the first place locals first build luxury accommodation complexes!

How to go

crete-taxi Elounda is a place easy to access. There are very often connections to the village, either from east-Sitia airport-Agios Nikolaos or west from Heraklion or Chania.

By car

The best way to visit Elounda is by hiring a car. There are very competitive rates to hire a car from Heraklion airport or any other place of Crete.

By Taxi

Hiring a Taxi is a good idea when you arrive late night and have to drive a long distance.

By Bus

By bus is a good solution too. You can get one in Heraklion port main station or from the airport Heraklion. The other cities have a good connection too.

Things to do during your stay

elounda port It is necessary to visit the beautiful island opposite Elounda, Spinalonga island. It is one of the most visited excursions of Crete!

Elounda-car-rentals This island used to host people suffering from Lepra disease, nowadays is one island where the old hospital and the Venetian castle around are places to be explored from guests from all over the world! The only you have to do is get to the port of Elounda and get into a small boat or ferry. It takes 20 minutes until the island port.

plaka-port-west Elounda The other place we recommend is get in a car and drive to Plaka, west of Elounda, get in a boat and in 5 minutes sail to the island!

alykes elounda I recommend you visit the old ALYKES of Elounda, the place where the local used to evaporate the water. Sea salt is salt that is produced by the evaporation of seawater. It is used as a seasoning in foods, cooking, cosmetics and for preserving food. It is also called bay salt, solar salt, or simply salt. There, you will swim safe in a beautiful bay, if you have time cross the stone bridge and drive on Kolokytha island, there are beautiful beaches on the north side of the island too.

Lasithi Lassithi prefecture is beautiful, full of surprises! The Lassithi plateau is close by Elounda, a fantastic day Trip.

Malia beach Malia car hire Malia archaeological place is just 35minutes far! There is a fantastic beach infront of the ruins of Minoan palace and certainly a very good place to rest. Further into the village of Malia there are numerous taverns and local famous bars.

Agios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos city is the most important sightseeing tour you should do. get into your car and drive 15minutes far to walk through the port roads, the new marine port or the old port with taverns around, the Lake with the magnificent sightseeing and walk around the lake paths!


Elounda is hosting the most rich visitors of Crete. The famous resorts are welcoming their guests with Limousine cars, there are golf courts in the area, private villas, hotels with 5 stars. Some examples are Elounda beach, Domes of Elounda, Blue Palace, Porto Elounda etc.


Elounda beach restaurant Elounda village is one of Crete’s places that local fishermen bring fresh fish to the local market, everyday. You can taste delicious fresh fish dishes and taste the Cretan diet! The most important thing for you is to feel the quiet atmosphere and spend unforgettable days and nights in this area.

Poseidon-Gourmet-restaurant-Elounda There are numerous of famous restaurants as well as local taverns. You can find tastes by the port. The hotels have their own delicious cuisine, they most of time combine Cretan cuisinwe with European tastes, this makes easier to a guest to enjoy close tastes to his country’s.

When is it the best period to visit

Crete has temperate climate, there are some places that have subtropical climate. The winter is mild and the summer is hot. Elounda is keeping a warm climate during all year. It’s location is perfect and the mountains by the southern side protect the village. The gulf location is also one advantage, the north cold climate does not affects the village during winter months. It’s sea is quiet and the old port has no waves.

Furthermore, i can guarantee you will be having a wonderful hospitality period in this area. The staff of the hotels are well trained to supply great stand amenities. The hotel owners invest in guest hospitality.

In conlusion, Elounda is one place that has all a guest will need to spend wonderful holidays!