Kritsa Gorge – Lassithi’s amazing 2023 visit!

Kritsa gorge begins at the north-eastern exit of the historical village of Kritsa and ends up at a flat area 2,5 kilometers to the north. It is a difficult gorge to walk, although many tourists are trying to walk through its difficult terrain!

Kritsa gorge Kritsa gorge is one of the gorge’s you should walk, if you are a well trained person who likes mild adventurous places. You will need a good pair of sport shoes and good equipment+ strength, all of them needed to do the warmest walk on summer period on eastern Crete.

Kritsa gorge Kritsa gorge has a difficult beginning. Furthermore, after a tiring climb, it leads to the foot of the Tsivi peak, over Katharo plateau. The land of Lassithi is dusty, the temperatures reach high levels and there is no humidity. The walk down the track back to the car was as hot as Hades. The kids were miserable and had absolutely had enough. Getting back to the car was a joy and a delight.
Trainers and as much water as you can carry are essential.

Kritsa gorge Kritsa gorge. Important to take plenty of water, take frequent stops and good walking shoes. So much to see and take in about nature during the walk, really happy we did it. Afterwards we went into the town and had a bite to eat in one of the family run restaurants, very welcoming and nourishing, Nice walk in the gorge. Very fun. Not too long and not too difficult. But good walking shoes and water are necessary. Not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Kritsa gorge Kritsa gorge. Be prepared, not a walk in the park. Go early before 10 and the walls of the gorge will protect you from the sun. Take water, the first 10 minutes are the most difficult, to get to the top takes 40 minutes if you don’t dawdle, and then 30 minutes to walk down the track. Sensible footwear is a necessity

Kritsa Kritsa gorge is not far from the city of Agios Nikolaos. It is a 25min drive far until the startpoint. You will need to drive south east of Agios Nikolaos and then follow the signs for the direction of the beginning of the gorge.

Kritsa Kritsa gorge is very close to the village. It is important to refer the village of Kritsa is one of the most interesting places to visit. The trail itself is very nice. It is not really made for small children and older persons, because there are some very difficult parts. It is a “beautiful gift” of Mother nature.

Kritsa gorge has several possibilities to walk through:
– a short one, 2h 30min, with the principal part of the narrow gorge and back by a ascending hike.
– a medium one, which continues the gorge in a less narrow gorge but very interesting and the way up is nicer, the arrival on the top more sightseeing.
– a longer one or you take a cab or there is a common part on the way back.
All are very nice, the narrow path is amazing.
After, don’t forget to visit the town and to have a meal at Platanos!

Kritsa gorge is a place you can visit by starting with a rental car from your accommodation to the start point. There should be one left who will take you from the other side. Think of this solution seriously. The other suggestion is you hire a taxi, get to the beginning and then get another taxi from Platanos village to the way back. There are numerous of combinations a “nature lover” could find in order to walk this place.