Martsalo Gorge beach

martsalo beach Martsalo Gorge beach– Asterousia south Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges. The bay is near the southern side of Messara, 80 kilometers in the south-west of Heraklion.

martsalo beach Martsalo Gorge beach, that belongs to the municipality of Phaistos, is one of the most characteristic and beautiful gorges of southern Crete. It is located at the western foot of the Asterousia mountain range, right next to Agiofarago, and south of Monis Odigitrias (Monastery).

martsalo beach Martsalo Gorge beach is 2 kilometers long and the elevation difference between the entrance and the beach of Martsalo, where it ends up, is approximately 145 meters. It is an easy gorge to hike, recommended to people who are old but fit to hike.

martsalo beach The nudism is forbidden in the area as the place is considered holly. Its length is 2 kilometers and it passes through steep rocks with many caves where many Monks lived, Paul the Apostle taught Christianity in Martsalo Gorge beach area.

By Car to Martsalo

martsalo beach In order to reach the entrance of the gorge, you have to follow the dirt road that connects Odigitria Monastery with Lithino. There is a sign in that road that leads you to Martsalo. In the middle of the gorge, in Perivoli, there is a stone tank where the water from a small nearby spring is gathered.

By Taxi to Martsalo

You can drive by car to Martsalo Gorge beach, an off road car is needed to do the dirty road driving and a taxi cannot make it.

By Bus to Martsalo

The bus could be a solution but is far from the last stop. This is not recommended.

Martsalo Gorge beach is a quiet place that most people find peace in mind!