Souvlaki, best street food

Crete island is famous for the delicious food served in restaurants and taverns! The quality of the food is of high standards and Souvlaki has a special first place for this.

Souvlaki For those who do not know what souvlaki is looking like, we will just describe a stick with meat parts along, cooked on charcoals or on grill.

Souvlaki Souvlaki is an ancient recipe where Greeks used to cook on their days 5000 BC, according to items found by archaeologists supporting this on pictures and frescos.

souvlaki The Greek food and the Cretan cuisine is full of flavors with recipes influenced from Greeks from middle East and mainland. It is common known that Cretan cuisine is the leader in tourism and some people named it “Mediterranean cuisine”, souvlaki is on the top of the list!

Souvlaki The more far place you intend to drive, the best quality traditional Gyros Souvlaki you will taste! There are taverns you will taste the best of the best meat you would ever taste.

Fresh fish is a must and Crete is the place you can easily taste, there are many fishermen who sell fresh fish to taverns all over the places, everyday, Mediterranean fresh fish-usually small in size but delicious to eat-due to the sea salt and the rich sea forest plants! Souvlaki.

Souvlaki Cretan olive oil is also important in cooking Souvlaki, the best quality is made on grill with spraying oil on the meat.

The beauty of souvlaki, Greece’s most popular street food, is its simplicity and herbs on it. Its name is a diminutive of the Greek word souvla, which means skewer. Essentially, it’s meat on a skewer, grilled over charcoal and served in various ways, most commonly wrapped in pita bread along with sliced tomatoes, onions and yoghurt. 

But souvlaki has infinite variations and a rich history that goes back centuries. Initially referred to as obeliscos this classic Greek dish is described in several ancient texts, including Homer’s Iliad . Obeliscoi were sold at thermopolia, places that sold hot food and wine. 

Kalamaki or Souvlaki is the same

Souvlaki is consisted of Grilled pieces of pork or chicken on a wooden skewer  named kalamaki, seasoned with salt, oregano and sometimes pepper, served with a lemon wedge and a slice of bread or pita. The quality of the ingredients matters here, as well as the seasoning and grilling, of course. Enjoy straight away, while still hot and juicy, and be generous with the lemon juice.

Mountain herbs, Cheeses like feta cheese and graviera cheese and local wine with local Raki, are some examples of other delicious famous food served in Cretan taverns and kafe.

Fresh fish is a must and Crete is the place you can easily taste

antikristo Antikristo is Lamb grilled opposite the fire, the Cretan use to do this way as the best as fat is falling on the ground and meat stays clean of fat. Special food cooked from expert taverns who know how to satisfy your needs!

Lamb is cooked in many ways, especially as Antikristo or also in oven with potatoes or with sauce cooked.

ntolmades ntolmades cabbage ntolmades meat ntolmades rise ntolmasNtolmades are one of the most famous food, made with grapes leafs and meat or rise, herbs are important to this recipe and each place has a better taste.

dakos Dakos/ Ntakos is a traditional Greek salad from the island of Crete. Extra virgin olive oil, juicy tomatoes, salty feta cheese combine to form a unique salad with barley rusks!

Since ancient times, Cretan cuisine has been based on several basic elements: olive oil, herbs, fish and seafood, goat or lamb meat, Souvlaki has the first position in Cretan food, especially when the Cretans joined chicken meat, skewer, fast food, souvlaki is the beloved food of all visitors, the easiest sold street food that satisfies all ages of people!

It is worth hiring a car and drive to the most far village to taste the Souvlaki you found more tasty than ever!