Car Hire Crete, Heraklion best airport 2022!

Car Hire Crete, Heraklion best airport 2022!

Before you reach Crete, you must know that for tourists who are visiting Greece’s beautiful islands from abroad and do not know very well their way around the place; the best thing to do is to hire a car from athenscars Crete car hire.

The island has so many different things to see around the places that the easiest thing would be for you to have a car ready all the time so that you can visit all beautiful places, instead of having to wait for a taxi or looking for a car on hire on the road every time you leave your hotel.

However, if you are visiting Crete for the first time you should gear up for a vacation that should last at least five days so that you can fully explore Crete and discover all the places that you absolutely must not leave without seeing in Crete. So for a proper vacation you must rent a car and plan your vacation for at least a week if not a whole two weeks.

athenscars covers all your needs with complete car hire Crete services and discount offers that will leave even the most demanding customer happy. Our reliability assures you will have excellent experience, rent a clean, well-maintained and new technology vehicle at cheap prices.

You can rent a car Crete with reservation, no credit card needed and without a down payment for greater flexibility.

Heraklion airport will host more flights than in 2019, when it became the first airport in charter flights between 7 months period. This 2022 year, experts say, will host 20% more flights than the last record of 2019! The airport is going to be moved to another area, Kasteli. The area is far from the city, among olive groves of Pediada!

Heraklion airport will be operating until 2025! The new airport will be ready by that year and all services will be transferred to Kasteli area. The result will be positive, Crete changes and becomes a very attractive island destination in south Europe, servicing the travelers with better amenities.