Kolymbari-The amazing fishing village with the most beautiful places around.

All about Kolymbari

Odigitrias KolymbariKolymbari, a fish village at the foot of Rodopou peninsula, is still relatively unaffected by tourism, located 23 km west of Chania with frequent bus connections. Kolymbari has a long pebble beach which is being artificially improved with some shipped in sand.

Where is Kolymbari

It is one of the most attractive places of west Crete, located 23 km west of Chania with frequent bus connections.

How could someone go to Kolymbari, is driving by car easy?

Kolymbari is considered one of the most famous destinations of Crete! It is accessible from all places, through E75 road-called as VOAK, the village is close to the sea and close to the famous tourist area of Platanias from the east side and Kissamos city to the west. Driving by car is a very good idea, the place is just 45minutes far from Chania city, just drive west direction to Kissamos and follow the signs until you find the exit to Kolymbari.

paleochora-villageThe village is surrounded from long fields and is easy to park everywhere around the village center. It is a very good place to stay for your vacation, it combines the sea and all adventures related to it and also the fantastic directions to drive starting from there with your rental car, take the opportunity to visit Kolymbari village. The Crete rental car is always cheaper than any other means of transport.

Driving to Kolymbari village by bus

minibus-crete The easiest way to get to Kolymbari is by the local bus. The green bus is driving from Chania city center and it has planned routes every 1hours for Kissamos port. The bus is a cheap way to travel from Chania city. If you are staying in any of Crete’s other cities or places, make sure you will get in one green bus and buy the ticket to Kolymbari straight from the start point of the area you will be starting. The ticket is always cheaper by this way. The transfer company is named KTEL and own new busses that driving is easy and cheap, it is not cheaper than a rental car if you are more than 2passengers.

Taxi service in Crete, a good way to visit Kolymbari

crete-taxi Another way to get to Kolymbari is by taxi. You can catch a ride the moment you step out of Heraklion Airport or Chania airport since many taxi services are available there. The cost can be around €60 from Chania airport and 170euro from Heraklion airport, depending on the time and the traffic of your journey, being the most expensive way to drive there.

Ride your bike to Kolymbari

kolymbari bicycle By bike you can Cycled there from Chania city with friends and for sure you will be we very pleased with what you will see, selecting to drive there from E75 old national road cycling through all villages until you get to the destination. The monastery is lovely to walk around with a great museum, but it is also in a great location with stunning views.

How to sail with a ferry to Kolymbari?

anek_ferries You can hire a boat from Kissamos port and sail to the north coast visiting Kolymbari and all other beautiful places close by. The city of Chania and the fishermen in the old harbor organize sailing trips to the western north areas, where you can join the sail and spend a fantastic day trip there!

Interesting things to do in Kolymbari-Top attractions:

Kolymbari-Moni-Odigitrias The monastery of Odigitrias is a small but beautiful Orthodox monastery near Kolympari. Very well maintained and clean, has a small museum of icons and a small bookcase with volumes of 500 and 600. You pay a ticket to enter. Beautiful view of the sea from the terrace

Monastery Gonia Odigitrias: If you’re nearby it’s worth a visit, as a must see. A place steeped in prayer and history with beautiful views of the coastline. Open every day at certain times as the Monastery is used every day for private worship by the resident Monks The old building is beautiful with an interesting architecture. The interior is fantastic. There are still monks at the monastery. It’s definitely worth to visit. Thanks to the fact that there was no one there. You could walk around and see the monks performing their duties.

Monastery Odigitrias Also nice to visit the small chapel outside. This is a real monastery with an extensive history. Greeted well by a monk. Shown the video of the history of the sacking by first the Ottomans and the by the Germans. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. If you are a a big fan of the monasteries in Crete then this is no exception. It is simply lovely and so peaceful.

The monks are helpful in walking you through the history of the place and you will have a great talk with one of them. For sure , the architecture is incredible and if you are into Greek churches and icons, it is breathtaking in every way. They also have a clever gift shop to buy some purchases for the home. A very peaceful and serene atmosphere if you are lucky to visit when there isn’t a coach party. The museum is well laid out and documented clearly in English, with holy icons, relics, books, manuscripts and very colorful vestments.

A shop just inside the entrance sold locally made wine, olive oil and religious trinkets. You will see the stunning views but also look out for the bullet holes in the wall and the terrapins in the courtyard. Well worth a visit. Beautiful old monastery building with impressive views and a real sense of peacefulness.
If you’re in the area it’s worth a trip and there are some very impressive pieces of artwork and mosaics to see.

Also check out the enclosure of animals on the opposite side of the road – there are some beautiful deer that are used to visitors and the kids will love it. Very peaceful and pretty place with nice views to the White mountains and ocean. There were amazing-looking mosaics in the inner courtyard and the museum is very interesting and thought-provoking. There were many old holy icons, relics and also books on display. The church itself is also beautiful and well decorated

Cave of St John the Hermit

Cave of St John the Hermit It is easy to visit and spend some time with a short bypass from the highway the cave is well preserved and the church in it is really nice. The view from there is awesome. Cave of St John the Hermit

  • Orthodox Academy of Crete

Kolymbari-orthodox-academy-crete This is a school of high theological studies. It is located on a hillside with much nature and beauty. The chapel is an excellent example of Orthodox Church architecture. This is a place of quiet and solitude if you so desire it.

  • Take a walk to the excellent Flora and Fauna Museum which is within the grounds of the Academy

An academy full of information and books!!! Visit the museum too. A big variety of plans !! Great for thinking, discussing, presenting: quiet, panoramic, comfortable. Staff people are nice. Food is great, too. Beautiful views over the bay with the towering snow caped mountains in the distance (up until the middle of June according to the locals) it’s a gentle walk up to the Academy with well paved roads . A mini road train is also available from the town.

Beaches near Kolymbari

Rapaniana beach near Kolymbari The place is in a perfect zone in Crete island. There are numerous of nice beaches to swim. The eastern places worth to visit are Rapaniana beach, Tavronitis beach, Maleme beach, Gerani beach and Platanias. The western places are mostly private beaches infront of luxury resorts like Giannoulis beach, Euphoria beach, and ofcourse the Afrata beach.

Gorges in the same region

The west of Crete is rich place with many gorges such as Imbros gorge or Samaria gorge too.

Where to stay in Kolymbari

There are many nice hotels, the area is beautiful and results in beautiful built hotels and apartments.

Euphoria resort

Avra Imperial

Grandbay Giannoulis




Selini suites

Where to eat in Kolymbari

Diktyna restaurant

Palio Arhondiko taverna


Best time to visit

The place is fantastic and is all year easy to find a hotel and spend your vacation over there. I recommend you check prices for all year months and stay in this place the summer 2022!