Crete beautiful gorges

Crete beautiful gorges. Crete is an island with decades of gorges. The island landscapes hide many surprises, magnificent sightseeing views and beautiful mountainous areas! Crete beautiful gorges article.

Crete beautiful gorgesSamaria gorge – Chania – is the most famous gorge in Crete almost 18 km long. This is the most visited gorge of south Chania region. In 60’s it was declared a National Park of Greece and residence of many endemic birds and different wild species. The most famous of the animals that find refuge in Samaria Gorge is the Cretan wild goat (Kri Kri), wild rabbits and eagles . There are also herbs and rare plants growing there, diktamus and many others used as medicine.

The entire path is very well marked and is the most walked path of Crete. The path to the gorge begins from Omalos mountain, at Ksyloskalo-Xyloskalo point, at an altitude of 1,230 m. It is a narrow path. From the very beginning you feel the exciting breathtaking views walking among the high mountains.The end of the route is more beautiful, as you face the Libyan Sea and the magnificent beach of Agia Roumeli.

Crete beautiful gorgesImbros gorge, 2hr 30min from Impros village to Komitades village, close to Sfakia-South Chania. It starts from the small plateau of the village of Imbros and ends at the village Komitades offering wonderful views of the Libyan Sea. Its length is 7 km and is easy to be crossed any time of year. The time required is approximately 3 hours. Crete beautiful gorges article.

Agia Irini gorge in Selinond (12 km) from Agia Eirini to Sougia. The village of Agia Irini is located in the north side of the gorge, a very beautiful scenery and officially the E4 European path and is the second most visited gorge of Crete.Agia Irini gorge in Selino of Chania area, a 5 hrs descend (12 km) from Agia Eirini to Sougia. The village of Agia Irini is located in the north side of the gorge, a very beautiful scenery and officially the E4 European path and is the second most visited gorge of Crete.

Crete beautiful gorges-Preveli gorgePreveli Gorge, is a great place to see, south of Rethymnon city. There is a great beach and a river which forms the gorge. The banks of the river are full of palm-trees. It’s much preferable to ascend from the beach, following the stream; there is always the opportunity of a refreshing swim in the small pools formed by the river. The gorge has incredible beauty and the scenery is wild. It has rich flora and fauna and the river is divided into five streams which then are united and form small lakes and a huge waterfall!

Throughout the route you will notice that the gorge is narrow and the rocks are huge and full of small caves. Kourtaliotiko Gorge is a miracle of nature, as many other Crete Gorges! It is really worth a walk to see the beauty and wildness of the Cretan landscape!

kotsifos gorgeKotsifos gorge– Rethymnon south is smaller than the neighbouring Kourtaliotiko gorge but equally impressive. It is located between the peaks of Kouroupa (984 m) and Krioneritis (1.312 m) and is 2 kilometres long. The elevation difference between the highest point of the route in the gorge and the outlet is 390 metres.

Crete beautiful gorgesLissos gorge is 1 hr walk from Sougia to the nearby ancient town of Lissos, south of Chania city. It is a wild rocky difficult to walk gorge but is ideal for those who want to adventure hiking and climbing along its distance. Crete beautiful gorges article.

Crete beautiful gorgesAradaina Gorge, from Anopolis to Marmara beach near Loutro, south of Chania. A really impressive gorge; it looks like someone cut with a knife through the mountains. However it’s a gorge that needs some experience. It takes 3 hrs from Anopoli and 1hr 15 min from Marmara to Loutro; It is not recommended to those who are not trained enough to walk difficult surfaces, it is for athletes!!

Crete beautiful gorgesAgiofarago – Heraklion south ( the gorge of the Saints), close to Sìvas village, Festos. 3 km past Moni (monastery) Odigitrias starts the gorge, leading to a great beach. You will need someone to show you the entrance to the gorge. Sivas is a pretty, traditional village a few km past Festos.

Crete beautiful gorgesAgiofarago beach is very beautiful and very dangerous to swim too!

crete beautiful gorgesDead Gorge in Lasithi:

crete beautiful gorgesTripiti Gorge- Heraklion south.
Tripiti gorge in Heraklion is located south, near the village of Lentas. length and you can cross it even by 4wd car or motorbike. The scenery is magical and the tall cliffs that rise in many parts of the gorge are breathtaking! To get there, you have to cross by your car a part of Asteroussia Mountains and passing from Vasiliki village.

Myli gorge RethymnonMyloi gorge, Rethymnon, an easy 1 hr walk from Hromonastiri village to Xiro Horio village. Inside the gorge there is an abandoned village with many traditional houses.

myga gorge AnogeiaMyga or Mygia Gorge, Rethymnon- the “Gorge of the Fly”. A small gorge on Mt Psiloritis, a few kilometres after Anogia. There is no path through the gorge, but you can walk along the “Dromos(road of) tis Mygias” or “Trail of the Fly”, a circular route that runs alongside the gorge.

agios nikolaos gorge ZarosAgios Nikolaos Gorge – Crete – Heraklion south. Crete beautiful gorges

in the southern flank of Psiloritis (Idi Mountain). The gorge of Agios Nikolaos or Rouvas Gorge is located in Heraklion. You can start from the Lake Zaros, and after 1.5 km you will come across the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas). You follow the path to the left and ascend towards the entrance of the gorge. The spectacle is not very pleasant since in 1994 that point burned (it is about the 1/3 of the gorge). But when you skip this point and keep hiking, you will see the real beauty! The length of the gorge is 4 km and the route can be uphill or downhill.

astrakiano gorgeAstrakiano Gorge – Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges

The Astrakiano gorge starts just outside Astraki and crossing the hinterland of Heraklion ends in the area of ​​Karteros.

kalochoriano gorgeKalochoriano Gorge– Lasithi.

Kalo Chorio literally translates to “Nice Village” which is what this unknown and remote area of the eastern part of Crete island offers. A pleasant village, It is only 12 km from Agios Nikolaos, with close access to the coast and beautiful beaches, traditional, sleepy settlements and friendly locals.

knossos gorgeKnossos Gorge – Knossano Faragi Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Knossos, with a length of 6 km, is essentially the natural continuation of the sacred mountain Giouchta.

kounaviano gorgeKounaviano Gorge – Heraklion.

Only half an hour, (15 km) from Heraklion, the gorge of Kounaviano, one of the richest in vegetation and natural wealth in the whole prefecture, can be found. It took its name from Kounavoi village and is very interesting to walk through.

pefki gorgePefki Gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Pefki is one of the most well-known and popular gorges in eastern Ierapetra of Crete and a favorite among visitors. A small gorge, it offers impressive rock formations and lush vegetation starting south of the village of Pefki and ending a little north of the area of ​​Aspros Potamos in Makry Gialos.

ha gorge CreteHa gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

Ha Gorge, at the Monasteraki Dakos, on the eastern part of the island of Crete in Greece, is considered to be the most imposing gorge of Eastern Crete, due to its impressive landscape and biodiversity.

oreino gorge LasithiOreino Gorge or Butterfly Gorge – Lassithi Crete beautiful gorges

Oreino gorge is an interesting gorge that starts from Orino village and ends in the area of ​​Koutsoura. Despite the catastrophic fires that the forest has suffered in the area of ​​Orino, the gorge remains one of the most beautiful ecosystems of Sitia with intense vegetation. It is relatively easy to cross and does not require much effort. Recommended to all tourists.

havga gorgeHavga Gorge – Kavousi – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Havga is a small but impressive gorge, which ends east of the village Kavousi.

mesona gorgeMesona Gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Mesona is located north of Ierapetra, between Sitia and Agios Nikolaos. You will find it on the east side of Kavoussi village; it is the continuation of the gorge Havga to the southeast in the direction of Mount Thripti.

sarakina gorgeSarakina gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

A small but intensely beautiful gorge, which is located near the village of Mithi, 22 kilometres west of Ierapetra, at the south-eastern foot of Mount Dikti. It is not very easy to walk, unless you will be equipped with special sport shoes.

pervolakia gorgePervolakia gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

Pervolakia gorge is an exceptionally beautiful gorge, with a fairly easy route stretching almost throughout its entire length that becomes challenging the further in you go. The gorge starts right next to Kapsa Monastery, 7 kilometres from Μakry Gialos, estern south Crete.

kritsa gorgeKritsa Gorge – Lassithi Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Kritsa begins at the north-eastern exit of the historical village of Kritsa and ends up at a flat area 2,5 kilometres to the north. Ity is a difficult gorge to walk, sport shoes and good equipment+ strength is needed. After a tiring climb, it leads to the foot of the Tsivi peak, over Katharo plateau.

hametoulo gorgeHametoulo gorge

The gorge of Hametoulo, also spelt Chametoulo or Xametopoulo, is found on southeastern coast of Crete island, between the villages of Ziros and Xerokambos, south of Sitia.

martsalo gorge beachMartsalo Gorge – Asterousia south Heraklion. Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Martsalo, that belongs to the municipality of Phaistos, is one of the most characteristic and beautiful gorges of southern Crete. It is located at the western foot of the Asterousia mountain range, right next to Agiofarago, and south of Monis Odigitria (Monastery). It is 2 kilometres long and the elevation difference between the entrance and the beach of Martsalo, where it ends up, is approximately 145 metres.

topolia gorgeTopolia Gorge – Chania west.

The gorge of Topolia (Topoliano) is located in the inland area of Kissamos, at the western end of the Chania prefecture. It begins at the village of Topolia and after approximately 1.500 metres exits at a verdant valley, next to Koutsomatados village. The walk down the gorge, which is fairly easy, requires about one hour and 10 minutes.

katholiko gorge monastery beachKatholiko Gorge – Chania Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Katholiko, also known as To Avlaki tou Agίou (= water channel of the saint), as locals call it, is located at the northern end of Akrotίri, near Chania, very close to Gouverneto Monastery.

Katholiko beachKatholiko beach

anidri gorgeAnidri gorge – Chania Crete beautiful gorges

The gorge of Anidri is one of the smallest of the Cretan gorges yet lovely in its own way. It is located in the Paleochora region, at the south-west end of the Chania Prefecture. It runs from the village of Anidri to the magnificent twin beaches at Gialiskari, which are separated by a small peninsula thick with junipers. The gorge is 2 kilometres long. It requires less than 1 hour to pass through, at the end you can swim in the Libyan sea.

Faneromeni Gorge – Lassithi Faneromeni Gorge – Lasithi. Crete beautiful gorges

The Faneromeni Gorge in the prefecture of Lassithi in Eastern Crete. This is one of the easiest gorges to hike through and is easily accessible, ideal for families and nature excursions in the area. It begins east of the location of Sfakidia and ends up at the bay of Faneromeni, next to the Monastery of Faneromeni.

Crete beautiful gorgesArvi Gorge – Vianos Heraklion.

The gorge of Arvi, one of the most spectacular gorges of Crete, has a north to south orientation. It begins in the Amiras area and ends up by the southern coast looking over the Libyan Sea. The outlet of the gorge is next to the Monastery of Agios Antonios, a little to the north of the current coastal settlement of Arvi. The gorge can be visited all year round, except in the wintertime, due to rainfall.

Hohlakies gorgeHohlakies gorge – Lassithi.

Hohlakies Gorge is a beautiful, fairly small and easily accessible gorge in the prefecture of Lassithi. It begins at the village of Hohlakies and ends up at the beautiful bay of Karoumes on the eastern coast of Crete.

Richtis Gorge – LassithiRichtis Gorge – Lassithi Crete beautiful gorges

This is one of the most beautiful small gorges of Eastern Crete, following a well-marked route. Located in the prefecture of Lassithi, between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia on the northern coast, it follows the stream which flows all year round, creating a splendid waterfall of Richtis gorge.

Crete beautiful gorges:

It is important to receive information before you start walking any of the gorges, the most important is you understand the safety is important, Crete has high temperatures, many tourists try to walk under difficult circumstances, hiring a car or a taxi, buying an organized excursion is always better than to walk alone. Crete beautiful gorges.