Krousonas village

Krousonas is a village located by the east side of Psiloritis mountain. The location is unique, the surroundings are amazing mountainous cliffs and one spectacular plateau-called Livadi Krousona. The village was destroyed during the Turkish occupation and was built many times since that period.

Krousonas village is the place where Cretan rebels made their strategy against enemies like Turkish and Arabs, later the village was the place where rebels defended their freedom against the Germans Nazi.

Krousonas is the place where most people live all year round, they have their homes and lives. the most of the citizens work on agriculture producing vegetables, tomatoes, olive oil, honey and of course being shepherds and feeding thousands of animals.

Krousonas is a place you can spend your vacation, learn about local history and eat in a traditional tavern! This is a place you can do hiking-through the MINOAN Path and end up to Psiloritis mountain. The most important is you can do winter sports, there is snow and adventure is a must! There extreme sports to do on this area too.

krousonas village Krousonas is a place where hotels guest people all year. There are villas and traditional houses to stay. Most of people choose to do their vacation because there are Monasteries to visit close by. There are many places of culture that could be visited, like Museum of Theotokopoulos for example in Fodele village.

Krousonas Krousonas is a place you can visit by car, hiring a car is ideal to explore the beauties of this mountainous area of Crete. There are many car types that could do this rental easy, crossover cars or SUV cars are the best you could select. Crete rent a carAnother ideal car could be a cabrio vehicle. Nevertheless a car selection to be difficult for you or expensive, we will be able to propose a mini car as roads are accessible from all car types/makes on Krousonas area.

Krousonas is a place you can visit by taxi, the area is just 30 minutes away far from Heraklion airport, Gazi village is 18minutes far and Ammoudara area is 20minutes distance far by car.

Krousonas can be reached by bike, the best road to train or do a cycling route. The road is empty and good until the last 5km that are uphill cycling and need to do some more effort!

KrousonasKrousonas is a place there are traditional taverns, they serve traditional Cretan food. They do special dish for antikristo meat, lamp that is cooked opposite the fire, losing the fat.

Best time to go is winter. The local villas are welcoming their guests offering them hospitality all year.