Food Travel Crete

Food Travel Crete is one of the most interesting tours someone could imagine. Crete is a destination that combines Food and Travel adventures.

Food Travel Crete is a new section on Tourism. There many who wish to travel and taste original Cretan tastes. For most people we advice to select where to go, most important is to drive to a village that locals are willing to show you the recipes.

Food Travel Crete has become important for many chef’s who come to enhance their cooking knowledge with recipes they first time learn. They plot out an itinerary, book hotels, then try to snag restaurant reservations along the way or even small local kafeneio or tavernas in far areas where food is still as it was in past. Old women cook tasty foods using the knowledge their mother gave them.

TRAVEL FOOD CRETE Food Travel Crete But for a growing number of food-obsessed travelers in this island, Food Travel Crete has a great community, the meal is the motivation. These people reverse engineered their vacations and planned a whole trip around a single reservation from a list of restaurants. After all, one of the easiest ways to get to know a place is through its food—especially when you’re eating at a restaurant winner, an honor awarded by millions of real travelers.

FOOD TRAVEL CRETE Food Travel Crete: There are many recipes that are based in Cretan cuisine which was sometime influenced by other Greeks who immigrated from Middle East 1922, the Ionian part that was Greek and is now in the territory of Turkey. These Greeks had magnificent ideas on cooking, tasty food and ideas that changed the Cretan cuisine and style. Many people think this was a gift to the Cretans that had a fantastic cuisine which became very rich.

All about the meal with Food Travel Crete.

A young Cook decided to visit the famous tavern in Gazi Ammoudara area. He wanted to see how some local food is cooked, the preparation and the time needed to do so. The local chef did not want to show him something difficult, he started with lamb on fire-antikristo- that needs a special technic when setting the lamb around the fire. this may take more time than the cooking. After he managed to show him how to cook “ntolmades”, the preparation of the rice and all other materials needed, the leafs of grape trees and the way they are laid in the oven pan.

ntolmades ntolmades cabbage ntolmades meat ntolmades rise ntolmasNtolmades are one of the most famous food, made with grapes leafs and meat or rise, herbs are important to this recipe and each place has a better taste.

dakos Dakos/ Ntakos is a traditional Greek salad from the island of Crete. Extra virgin olive oil, juicy tomatoes, salty feta cheese combine to form a unique salad with barley rusks!

Since ancient times, Cretan cuisine has been based on several basic elements: olive oil, herbs, fish and seafood, goat or lamb meat, Souvlaki has the first position in Cretan food, especially when the Cretans joined chicken meat, skewer, fast food, souvlaki is the beloved food of all visitors, the easiest sold street food that satisfies all ages of people!

Vegan food Crete

horta-radikio-crete The Cretan plant based diet is enhanced by bitter greens, cultivated or handpicked on Cretan mountains. They are consumed raw, boiled or cooked; for example in red sauce and accompanied by potatoes. They also form part of delicious cretan green pies (“hortopites”). Bitter greens apart from being full of A, C and K vitamins, fiber, potassium and folate, they also have amazing body cleansing properties.

snails-salingaria Cooked snails with bitter greens is a tasty vegan cooked food served in most restaurants of the island! The way it is getting prepared-the food the snails have to eat before they get cooked- are secrets locals know very well.

CRETAN HONEY – Vegan food

Crete produces a variety of natural therapeutic substances such as herbs, honey, various types of teas, types of herbs and more. From the ancient Greeks came most of the information we already know about their miraculous properties, as they studied thoroughly and in detail everything related to human well-being and the medical field in general. One of these is Cretan honey.


cretan honey Honey is one of the flagship agricultural products on Crete, valued as much as olive oil and citrus farming. In Crete, beekeeping began during the Minoan period, about 4,000 years ago. In Greek mythology, bee and honey play an important role. According to Greek mythology, the god Zeus was fed with milk and honey as a baby. In another myth, the Bee is the face of the priestess of Demetra the Goddess of the Earth. In addition, the Palace of Malia has the emblem of bees, as well as the Knossos pits,  testify to the relation of the bee to the people from the Neolithic Age.

It is worth hiring a car and drive to the most far village to taste the local food you will be served and will find it very tasty!

Some famous food travelers have shot this video, watch ROBERT MAKŁOWICZ KRETA odc.130 „Kreta, wyspa szczęśliwa”.